I Am Woman -one woman’s response to the tampon tax

Between my legs (you shudder)
a white string sways (because you’re scared)
to be (taboo or worse) a woman. I am
woman. Watch me –

while I pull the cord (your eyes drift) down
to meet my (breasted) will to
try; no one taught me (I have nipples)
or what a full tampon (and bloody
uterus) would weigh.

They just chose
me (to turn you on)

when they handed (you imagine)
a plastic tube to contain (my flesh)
bleeding from depths (you know better) of
my (mystery) anatomy.

They told me, ‘Shove it’ –

in and it will hurt (you think
of moaning) and (your) ache,
absorbing proof of (our) fertility, and
failed attempts to get your (condoms-
are-trite) ways. My dear,

I’ve won

eight days of moods (you call me
moody) in the money (you claim) paid
to dangle restraint (no one will see) between
the conservative
vibrations (of my thighs)

and I have mastered (off your leash)
when to force out
the porous (questions you want to ask)
without wasting a dime
of its potential
to fill (your wonder,
from which hole I bleed)

Because I bleed (and you shake)
naturally, to restore
the dignity (your hands flinch)
of menstruation (you can’t) –

Say it:
The synonym
for (I am woman) strength.

The doctor said she would live in a nursing home, confined to a wheelchair, crippled by pain; that was thirteen years ago. Instead, Mirissa D. Price is a 2019 DMD candidate at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, spreading pain-free smiles, writing through her nights, and, once again, walking through her days. She is a Huffington Post blogger and emerging writer with publications in Yellow Chair Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Tuck Magazine. Follow Mirissa’s writing at https://mirissaprice.wordpress.com/.

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