Pettistree Meadows

One day son you will walk among the fields and question. Where life began and how, for most, it will end.

The history of inanimate things such as books will fascinate you. Long living, but docile things such as trees will call to you to share memories of what they have witnessed.

In time your mind will turn to the living and the journeys they take through the paths laid before them. Whether the choices they make are of their own volition – or somehow preordained by nature or another force.

When you arrive at yourself and wonder what is to come of who you are, come find me. I have some advice to give.

Gavin Meggs lives in London, England and has been writing poetry since he was a child. Inspired by life in all its forms, Gavin seeks to share his perspectives on life in a way that will live on in the hearts and mind of those that read his work.


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