the sunflower dropped a seed
as with all things from him

it was hardened with
speckled lashes
where he’d been beaten
his core and petals
withering each season

a drop of lavender
coats the seed
pulling it away from the scavengers
she is pure
and generous

the old blind sharecropper
cares for the seedling
until she breaks free
Stretching to reach
the lullabies
of her mother

which way shall she grow
breaking sediment
and the concrete chorus of men
so she may sing
never heard
in the wild

C.Z. Heyward is a poet, playwright, spoken word artist, social critic, and educator whose work has found platforms in Greece, the U.K. and France. The Harlem (New York City) native is determined to learn to skateboard as another way of freeing his mind and voice, while pursuing a PhD at St. John’s University.


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