1 What Every Child Needs (4)

you believed in small measures
kept warmth bottled and locked
away like a secret

I slept on a cold mattress of contempt
a stone bed that breathed damp
to stiffen bones and scar lungs

I counted the hours you stole from me
saved them like pennies in a jar to build
a new home for my need  felt the touch

of madness wave words like blades
across my skin  in that moment
I knew one day I would paint you

out of my life  stroke white light
on the black horizon that hears Gorecki’s
sorrow as only the lonely can

and free myself from madness that
made you deaf and blind  my childhood
a crossword clue you couldn’t solve

Paul Waring is a retired clinical psychologist from the UK, who once designed menswear and was a singer/songwriter in several Liverpool bands. His poems have appeared in a number of journals/sites including Reach Poetry, Eunoia Review, The Open Mouse and are forthcoming in Clear Poetry and Amaryllis. He blogs at https://waringwords.wordpress.com


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