General Guidelines

Wildflower Muse is open to submissions year round. We acquire one-time electronic rights. Do know that we strive to respond quickly, and plan to publish frequently on a rolling basis. If you do not receive a response within 2 months after submitting, feel free to inquire.

To submit, simply paste your submission within the body of your email, and send to:, along with your name and the type of submission in the subject line. Include a short, third person bio of 100 words or less with your submission, along with any links to personal websites or blogs if you like. Please do not list more than 5 credits in your bio, along with whatever you wish our readers and fellow contributors to know.

NOTE:  Wildflower Muse does not accept work that is published at other online literary websites, or in print publications, unless 6 months has passed since time of publication. Please notify us if this applies, and state where it was originally published. Also, if you are submitting simultaneously, please inform us of that in your email. Response time can take up to 2 months, though we will strive to respond much sooner. The editors reserve the right to lightly edit for punctuation and spelling errors. That noted, please check for typos and grammatical errors before submitting.

WordPress automatically flushes paragraphs to the left rather than indenting them, and this is the style we adopt. We include spaces between paragraphs, but not indents. Please keep this in mind when submitting work.

Wildflower Muse does not publish work that is discriminatory, prejudice against another person’s religion or race, anything hateful or violent, sexually perverted, too dark, or extremely political. Please respect that when submitting your work, as any such work will probably not even receive a response.




Submissions by Genre . . . 

Poetry: Please submit up to 5 poems of any style on any subject, preferably no longer than 60 lines per poem. Please list the titles of the poems you are submitting, or specify if a piece is untitled. Your work should possess a strong voice that resonates deeply and shows originality.

Fiction: Submit up to 3 pieces of fiction, any style, any subject, preferably no longer than 2000 words per piece. Please include a word count with each submitted piece.

Nonfiction: If you have personal stories, memoirs, or journal entries to share, submit up to 3 pieces for consideration, preferably no longer than 2000 words per piece. In addition, you can submit informative pieces or essays on topics that may be of help or interest to others. The only type of nonfiction we are not publishing at this time are reviews. Anything else, feel free to send our way. Please include a word count with each submitted piece.

Art: We love visual art in all forms. We do not care if you use crayons or paintbrushes or pencils, or just love to take pictures of trees. If you have any passion at all for creating visual art, you are exactly the kind of artist we want to see submissions from. Please submit up to 8 pieces of visual art in jpeg format for review. Please include the titles for each piece, or specify if they are untitled. Feel free to include your Artist Statement if you have one, or if not, just a regular short bio will do.

Crafts & Creations: These types of submissions are for anything creative that does not exactly fit in any of the categories above. Here is where we want to showcase comic strips, crafts (knitting, beading, upcycling, etc.), woodworking, calligraphy, cooking, decorative journaling, or anything else creative. Please submit up to 8 photos of your creations with an anecdote or description. Please include titles for pieces if such applies. We look forward to sharing some interesting creations here!

Themes: We will sometimes post certain themes or topics in the News & Updates section. Although we encourage you to submit work based on those themes or topics for the dates we set, you can still submit your regular work during such times. Please note that publication priority will be given to the theme-based submissions we accept for the allotted time, but it will not lessen your chances for acceptance if you choose not to participate. If the work is good, it will be published at some point.